Torben Kjær



Since When   5:11
The symbiosis of two minds – Thomas Negrijn and Torben Kjær in a moment of classical co-writing. Relax – slow down – you’ve only got this one life!

Blue: Fancy Nancy  2:23
Who's my favorite lady? Nancy of course! She's fast - but I'm too!.

Blue: Once There Was A Voice  5:49
A classical jazzballad written by Negrijn and Kjaer from their new CD 'Lie down'.
Torben Kjaer, piano, Ole Skipper, bass and Ole Bo, Drums.

What Can I Do   3:34
Composition by Torben Kjær and Thomas Negrijn, arranged for and performed by a symphony orchestra. The theme opens in the alto-flute, deep strings and the boudhran and  ends up in a big symphonic tribute to man and history. Recorded august 2006: Sonderjyllands Symphoniorchestra. Conductor: Svenn Skipper

Hammer Of Thor   1:23
From session above: Thor is a Nordic God who protects man against evil. When he is riding  his chariot, pulled by the two goats Tandgnost and Tandgrisner, over the firmament, thunder will sound and lightning be seen.

Kyriefuga  2:52
From Mass of Piece. The strengh of a  classical fugue in an atonal concept  for choir and strings.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  5:10
From the CD A Time For Love. American jazz singer Rasheema and her Danish backup in the original composition von Bülow, altosax, Torben Kjaer, piano, Jesper Lundgaard, bass and Ole Steenberg, drums.

9 - forestillingen: presentation  2:31
What will you do when you realize, that you, though born in a duck-pond, are not a rapper? And what can you say with a flie in your mouth? Listen to The Ugly Duckling, March Of The Ants and Honking With The Animals, performed by Fritz Berthelsen,clarinets,Troels Kampmann Kjær, drums and programming,Torben Kjær, keys and words.


Det land der rummer alle jordens farver  3:20
Lyrics: Hans Kragh-Jacobsen, music: Torben Kjær. Price-winning song from KODA's Danish Song Contest 2008, performed by Janne Lærkedal and the composer.

Morgendaen  1:25
Lyrics: Poul Henningsen, music: Bernhard Christensen, Vocals: Jette Sophie Sivertsen, Christian Steffensen, Morten Tunbo.
Trio: Torben Kjaer, Thomas Ovesen og Mikkel Find.


Music for movies:

The man in the boat # 1 - 2 - 3
Film and music starts with the lyrical theme, played by the piano and strings. If your imagination creates beautiful lakeview, chuckling water and stunning countryside, you're not all wrong. But the low timpany at the end of the piece indicates something to happen.

The Man in the Boat # 2
The situation developes: the boat is persued by a helicopter. There is no way to escape except to flee - but the chopper is very persistent.

The Man in the Boat # 3
Danger is over and we get a hint of a happy ending.

More clips:

Frostbite: The Coffin  3:38
The deep strings of the beginning more than suggest the atmosphere of scary creatures and the music soon developes into a percussive beat, bringing these creatures back, where they belong – in the coffin. The piece ends in a romantic folkloristic theme.Recorded in Bratislava nov.18th,2005. Music: Anthony Lledo, conductor: Allan Wilson. Orchestrations: Torben Kjær & Svenn Skipper

That’s All, Folks!!   0:23
God made the banjo to get some fun out of noise!